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National System of Judiciary’s Electronic Notification, founded on 2016 September 14, was only seeking to cover and exclude human rights violations against foreign circles, and this heavy cost was only just to cover it in Iran. Unfortunately, the human rights mafia, unknowingly or knowingly, did not expose this site “adliran.ir” and still it is unable to access since it was founded. However, human rights websites do not mention it, and they are along with the Islamic Republic in the process of violating human rights unwantedly.

According to Human Rights of Kurdistan of Iran, Wednesday, 2019 July 17; the “adliran.ir” website, in inside of the country, is known as the “Judicial Services Portal” in order to the intelligence services and the security agencies access to the personal data of Iranian people and convictions records. Due to the high sensitivity to human rights violations, the judiciary has closed the website’s access to all other countries since 2016 after spending a lot of budget and it is available only in country. All these are done because of the fear of clarifying and preventing the investigation of convicts and defendants cases.

The site and its data show documented human rights violations: The human rights mafia across the border is severely under pressure to write no article about this site and the entire site has been boycotted for outside of Iran while many official news agencies of the judiciary, such as “mizan” and other official and government news agencies such as “kayhan“, “ettelaat“, “iribnews“, “isna” and “irna” have dealt with it.

The judiciary ordered all domestic media strictly that no English news and its functions and the type of information in “adliran.ir” should be published in any news agency. Therefore, Human Rights of Kurdistan of Iran will publish an English article about this website for the first time.

It should be noted that the same thing is done by the NAJA website at “police.ir”.

News about the forbidden site (adliran.ir) have been published for the first time on the Human Rights of Kurdistan of Iran and soon there will be additional news.

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